NC3 Adopts Strategic Plan

March 12, 2021

Between November 2020 - February 2021, service delivery providers/leaders representing 25 different organizations and 17 human service sectors participated in several visioning and focus group processes to inform the development of a vision and strategic plan designed to guide the collective action of NC3 members. Input was also collected from residents, including members of the Fremont Area Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council, adults and families who completed a resident survey, and seniors involved with the Newaygo County Commission on Aging. (Focus groups were held with members of the Community Health Worker Navigation Group, MDHHS Parent-to-Parent Program Staff and Newaygo County Commission on Aging Staff. Residents who completed the survey represented mobile food pantry recipients, Circle Program Leaders, FISH Clients, and other Community Health Worker clients.)

Forty-five cross-sector partners participated in 2 Design Thinking Workshops on February 26 and March 8, 2021. They collectively worked to design strategies to achieve strategic aims while addressing local barriers. 

NC3 Mission: 

To collaboratively develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County.

NC3 vision:


Thriving Residents: Residents are health, educated, economically stable, have their basic needs met, and experience less social isolation.

Health Community: Diverse community with strong community pride experiencing work, play, living and social conditions that promote healthy living and well-being.


Effective Community Resources & Services: Local services and available community resources meet residents' needs. 

Empowered Residents: youth and adult residents are connected, engaged and have voice within their community.


Easy Access to Services: Residents can easily locate, access, and use services that meet their needs.

Seamless, Coordinated Client-Centered Services: Seamless referrals and a "no wrong door" approach ensures coordinated care.


Cross sector partners collectively work towards change.

Strategic goals and strategies were developed to forward the above mission and vision. NC3 will spend the next several years working on implementing this plan.

NC3 Honors Hughes and Welcomes Schultz at December Steering Committee Meeting

January 7, 2021

The Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3) honored Ned Hughes at their December, 2020 Steering Committee Meeting for his decade of volunteer leadership. As President, Hughes led the General and Steering Committee Meetings and provided counsel to the NC3 director and community projects. Hughes is retired from over 23 years with Gerber Memorial Health Services (now a part of Spectrum Health) and has served the community as a volunteer leader with a number of organizations, including Rotary and the Newaygo Conservation District. NC3 Steering Committee colleagues admire Hughes for his professionalism and passion for Newaygo County residents. 


The Steering Committee elected long-time NC3 member, Lori Schultz, to the position of President. Schultz’s career began with the State Department of Corrections in 1987. She started her work with DSS (Dept. of Social Services now known as MDHHS) in Mackinaw County in 1988. Schultz is a graduate of Newaygo High school and Saginaw Valley State University. She came back to the community and married her husband, Randy. He and their children, Alex and Amanda, are life-long residents of the community. During her career at MDHHS she has worked in all aspects of the Department, from Child Protection investigations to her current role as the County Director for Lake and Newaygo County MDHHS. Schultz says that she learned very early in life that anything is possible through collaboration, open communication and “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality. She is looking forward to working with everyone.


Jim Maike, Newaygo County Commissioner, was elected to another term as NC3 Vice President. Maike chairs the Newaygo County Health, Education and Human Service Committee. He has also been a long-term member of NC3 and has a wealth of community service and leadership experiences.


NC3 is currently in the middle of a strategic planning process to shape new goals to work on over the next several years. NC3 exists to collaboratively develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County.

NC3 Launches Strategic Planning Process

October 16, 2020


This week, the Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3) launches a strategic planning process that will guide its collective efforts for the next several years.


The last plan, created in 2012 and updated in 2016, created four strategic directions: Building community commitment to an outstanding educational system for life-long learning; Building a vibrant, healthy community; Integrating systems that improve access to services within community hubs; And, creating a highly responsive and effective collaborative that encourages action on the above goals. NC3 works with affiliate groups, work groups and community leaders to collaboratively develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County.

A consultant, Dr. Pennie Foster-Fishman, is working with NC3 to guide this process. Dr. Foster-Fishman has over 30 years of experience working with communities to build places where all children and families can flourish. She has consulted with hundreds of public sector and nonprofits organizations, community coalitions, and funders around the world, advising them on strategic planning, effective strategy design, and implementation and evaluation processes. Dr. Foster-Fishman is a retired professor from Michigan State University and is presently the President of Transform Change, a company that creates system solutions engineered for equitable health, economic security, and educational success.


The predominately virtual, four-part planning process kicks off this month and plans to wrap up after the New Year. The project is led by the NC3 Steering Committee and Executive Director and funded by the Fremont Area Community Foundation.


For more information on NC3, visit or contact Abby Reeg at

Executive Director Named for NC3

MARCH 20, 2020

Abby Reeg was recently named the new executive director of the Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3).

NC3 is a collaborative comprised of representatives from the fields of health care, human services, education, county government, business, faith-based organizations, and others who are concerned with the quality of life in Newaygo County. Member organizations work together to integrate resources, find ways to provide services more efficiently, and effectively meet community needs.


In her new role, Reeg will work together with member organizations and the community to develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County.


Reeg comes to NC3 after a career working in a variety of roles in the nonprofit sector. She has worked in administration, fundraising, marketing, and communications at a variety of West Michigan nonprofits, including United Way in Holland, Muskegon’s Child Abuse Council, the Alzheimer’s Association, Hospice, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. She also spent more than a decade working at her alma mater, Hope College.


As executive director of NC3, Reeg looks forward to working in support of NC3’s vision, which is currently focused on matching education with 21st century job requirements, promoting community health and wellness at all stages, engaging and empowering citizens to participate in their communities, and breaking patterns of persistent poverty.


“I’ve already been impressed by NC3’s many success stories,” said Reeg. “I’m looking forward to getting to know and work with people interested in building an even more vibrant community in Newaygo County.”

For more information on NC3, visit or contact Reeg at