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What is NC3?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

There is a group in Newaygo County that is hard at work making a difference in the lives of its citizens. That group is called the Newaygo County Community Collaborative, or NC3, and it is made up of over 60 agencies serving our citizens.

Previously known as the Multi Agency Consortium, NC3 is made up of key human service organizations that serve Newaygo County residents, all of which have one goal. We work to collaboratively develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County.

The history of NC3 extends back to the late 1980’s when a small group of agency leaders started meeting to share information. They noticed that they were serving the same individuals and families, but in doing so were unknowingly duplicating some services. They also recognized that their organizations, individually, did not have the financial ability to add and improve needed services. However, working together and pooling their resources, they could provide improved and more coordinated support to our residents. And that’s how NC3 got started.

NC3 is led by a steering committee of 16 representatives of participating agencies. Abby Reeg is our executive director, and it has been my privilege to serve as the chairman of the steering committee for the past several years. So please stay tuned, because there is much more exciting NC3 news to come in the future!


Written by Ned Hughes. Ned Hughes is the Chairperson of the Newaygo County Community Collaborative. He is a Rotary member, serves on multiple nonprofit boards, and is a retired hospital administrator.

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