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Share the Stimulus Newaygo County

Business, nonprofit and government leaders in Newaygo County are asking people to consider supporting local businesses, community organizations and aid efforts with all or part of their stimulus check payment.

"We understand that most people need to use the stimulus payment to support themselves or their families." says Abby Reeg, Executive Director of the Newaygo County Community Collaborative. "Our community has taken a financial hit from the pandemic and we are thankful there is some relief."

But for those who don’t need the extra cash, Newaygo County leaders suggest buying take out from a local restaurant, supporting local businesses, or donating some of the funds to help others.

"Leaders throughout the county are coming together to solve these pressing problems and plan for the future to ensure Newaygo County is stronger than ever," says Carla Roberts, President and CEO of the Fremont Area Community Foundation. "It takes each and every one of us to make a lasting difference. We will get through this together."


If you can use the Share the Stimulus Newaygo County video to help your organization or business, please share it!

The Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3) works to collaboratively develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County.

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