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October 24th Take Back Event

What should I do with my unused and/or expired prescription medicine?

My name is Katherine Mater and I am the Project Coordinator for Drug-Free Communities and the Headway Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition at Newaygo County RESA. Every year the Headway Coalition Prescription Drug Action Team partners with Michigan OPEN to host a fall DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Prescription Drug Take Back Event.

The purpose of the event is to provide a dedicated time and location for community members to properly, safely, and anonymously dispose of their unused and/or expired medication. During last years event, 226.3 lbs. of unused/expired medication was collected in Newaygo County.

This years event is scheduled for Saturday, October 24 from 10am-2pm at the following locations:

  • Fremont Fire Department

  • Grant Fire Department

  • Hometown Pharmacy-Newaygo

  • Family Heath Care-White Cloud

These Take Back Events are critical in supporting our efforts to keep unused/expired prescription medication out of the hands of youth.  According to our 2019-2020 MiPHY (Michigan Profile for Health Youth) survey, nearly 44% of Newaygo County high school students reported it would be ‘very easy’ or ‘sort of easy’  for them to get a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them. Additionally, the same survey concluded that the most common method of getting those prescription drugs was identified as ‘taking them from home’. These results are precisely the reason we dedicate the time and effort to participating in the DEA Take Back Events as well as continue our efforts year round by providing free medication lock boxes to families and supporting the local medication drop boxes permanently placed throughout the county in the following locations:

  • TrueNorth Community Services

  • Newaygo County Commission on Aging

  • White Cloud Family Health Care

  • Grant Family Health Care

  • Barrs Pharmacy-Fremont

  • Bobs Pharmacy-Hesperia

  • Hometown Pharmacy-Newaygo

  • Croton Town Hall

These permanent drop boxes are a great option for community members to dispose of unused/expired medications year-round or if they are unable to attend the upcoming take back event.

It is with the help of the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office, Local Law Enforcement and Fire Departments, and local pharmacies that this event is made possible.


Headway Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

Newaygo County RESA Michigan OPEN

DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Prescription Drug Take Back Event

Newaygo County Sheriff

Michigan Drug Disposal Map

Address any questions regarding Saturday’s event, the Headway Coalition, or how to get a free medication lock box to:

Katherine Mater


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