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MiLEAP Training Funds at Michigan Works! West Central Help Residents Find Employment

Interview with Chad Marr, Business Services Specialist, Michigan Works! West Central

How does Michigan Works! West Central help residents?

Michigan Works! West Central offers multiple programs as well as serves as a hub for a multitude of resources. We offer training dollars for eligible participants looking to continue their education or earn a certificate through WIOA funding for Adult, Youth and Dislocated Worker programs.

We also offer resume-prep and job-searching assistance, the use of computers and Wi-Fi, as well as offer numerous workshops for individuals who need work-readiness skills. A potential job seeker can visit one of our offices and will be provided a variety of resources to be successful.

We also assist local employers by offering training dollars that can help retain and upskill their current workforce. Our Business Services team also offers assistance in recruiting by posting open positions online, as well as assists with hiring events and job fair promotion.

Our six locations serve as local resource centers by having a wide variety of partnerships with other agencies, some of which we are co-located in our centers. We can refer individuals to on-site GED programs, Veterans Affairs agents, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, community outreach agencies, staffing agencies and more!

For more information about any of our programs and services, please contact your local Michigan Works! West Central service center. To find the one nearest you, visit

What barriers are preventing some people from finding work?

As employment opportunities locally are very plentiful, some individuals have barriers that make employment difficult. Some individuals are finding it difficult to obtain quality childcare, and if they can, the cost associated can be troublesome. Transportation is another common barrier, especially in the counties in our region that do not have public transportation. The lack of a high school diploma or a recognized credential in a high-demand career field is another factor in gaining, or retaining suitable employment.

Michigan Works! West Central was recently awarded grant funding for the Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program. How much was the grant, where did you get it and what is it for?

The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) recently awarded more than $15.6 million for MiLEAP (Michigan Learning and Education Advancement Program) to 10 groups across the state that will work as regional consortiums to administer the training funds. Michigan Works! West Central was awarded $540,000 to assist those who have been impacted the hardest by COVID-19. These training dollars are to assist in the funding of short- to mid-term training programs in high skill high wage occupations. Funds will be available through June 2023.

For eligibility information about the program, contact our MiLEAP Navigator Rachelle at (231) 791-7061, or visit

If someone is looking for work, what do you suggest?

If someone is looking for employment, they definitely need to visit their local Michigan Works! West Central service center. Our talented team of Talent Specialist are very knowledgeable with the local labor market as well as what positions area employers are looking to fill. They also can offer assistance with online job applications, preparing your resume and will guide you throughout the process while offering helpful advice on how to land the perfect job for you!

We have service centers located in Baldwin, Big Rapids, Ludington, Newaygo, Reed City and Shelby. For more information about any of our programs and services, please contact your local Michigan Works! West Central service center. To find the one nearest you, visit

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