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Interview with Lisa Daniell

1. Hi Lisa. What is your role and what is the Volunteer Resource Center?

I'm the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) Director, housed within TrueNorth. The VRC is all about building volunteer capacity for local Newaygo County programs and organizations. We do this through resource sharing, networking, volunteer recognition, and trainings. 

2. I see that it is National Volunteer Week! What is the Volunteer Resource Center doing to celebrate?

The VRC, along with Newaygo County partner agencies, are thanking volunteers through a full-paged ad featured in the Times Indicator on April 22nd. This is just a small way we can collectively thank volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our community. 

3. What have been the most popular ways people can volunteer and what ways can people safely volunteer right now?

Due to the Stay Home, Stay Safe order, there are many remote volunteer opportunities available for community members to give back. Some of our most popular ones currently are: Making masks for local nursing homes; creating cards, pictures and writing letters to seniors; donating food to local food pantries; and hosting virtual fundraisers to garner funds for local programs.

4. How does someone find out about volunteer opportunities in Newaygo County?

All volunteer opportunities can be found at our website: Opportunities specific to COVID-19 response can be found at This website is free for local agencies to utilize too- so if your program isn't yet on the site- we welcome your participation! 


Lisa has worked in multiple roles for TrueNorth over the past 10 years. She loves working with kids, taking photos and participating in game nights! 

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