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Coats for Kids (& Adults)

1. Mike, what is your role at TrueNorth and what is "Coats for Kids (and Adults)?" I am the Hunger Prevention, Volunteer and Special Projects Director at TrueNorth Community Services.

Cold weather wear is essential to ensure that Newaygo County residents stay safe and warm during Michigan winters. Coats for Kids (& Adults) is a community supported program that provides children and adults in need in Newaygo County with a warm coat to wear for the winter. Last year TrueNorth distributed over 1,000 coats to families in need. 

The Coats for Kids (& Adults) Distribution will be held September 28 to October 9th Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm, at the TrueNorth Service Center in Fremont. 

2. Who can participate? 

Children and adults in need of winter wear this year. No pre-registration is required.

3. If someone participated in the past, what is different this year?

Participants are asked to drive to the north side of the building by the food pantry where coats will be available outside for self-selection. Participants are asked to please wear masks and practice social distancing guidelines while shopping for coats.  

4. Does TrueNorth need more donated coats? 

Donations of gently used and new bagged and sealed coats are always needed and may be dropped off to TrueNorth Service Center, 6308. S Warner Ave, Fremont, Michigan.

For more information or details on Coats for Kids (& Adults), contact Mike Voyt at (231) 924-0641, ext. 119, or

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