The Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3) is the official State-endorsed community collaborative serving Newaygo County.  The NC3 is comprised of representatives from education, county government, courts, economic development, employment and training, the faith based community, health care, human services, substance abuse and other agencies concerned with the quality of life of the residents of Newaygo County.

The NC3 is focused on improving the lives of children, families, seniors, and special populations residing within the county. Member organizations are committed to working collaboratively, with mutual support and integration of services when appropriate to provide services efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of residents with the resources available.

NC3 responsibilities include:

  • Identifying, planning and implementing services through the creation of working committees comprised of agency staff, consumers, community affiliates, and community representatives from private and public sectors
  • Sharing of information from local, State, and Federal levels that could impact or support local programs and services
  • Providing approval for grant applications to specific state funded programs
  • Supporting collaborative efforts among community agencies and other community collaboratives such as Great Start, Homeless Continuum of Care, the Jail Diversion Task Force, the 211 Committee, etc.

Meetings and activities are organized by the NC3 Coordinator:
Mark Petz
Phone:  231-924-5350 extension 613
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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