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From its early beginnings almost 38 years ago, the Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3), has been a model of how the community can come together to help those who need access to services and support.


In 1985 and originally named MAC for Multi-Agency Consortium, the organization began with just a small group of four people who liked and supported each other and got together for breakfast each week and looked for ways to help their clients and families who were falling through the cracks.  Their common goal was caring for clients. 

"What we found with our group was that all of us had a little bit of money to do something, but together we had more money to get something accomplished "

                                         -Ned Hughes, Past President

This spanned nearly 12 years. Their innovation and dedication were instrumental and securing funding for a shelter home for runaway children that in the past were being sent 40 miles from home. The "Big MAC" as it was affectionately called also helped to establish a family crisis program and a program for homeless youth. 

As the MAC expanded its focus to all ages, it established the Even Start program to reduce illiteracy in the county and helped secure Medicaid funding for prenatal care.


In 1994 The MAC became part of the State of Michigan's official collaboratives. The organization was renamed in 2001 as The Newaygo County Community Collaborative (NC3), and is the official, state-endorsed community collaborative serving Newaygo County. We are made up of representatives from the fields of health care, human services, education, county government, courts, economic development, employment and training, the faith-based community, substance abuse, and other agencies concerned with the quality of life of Newaygo County residents and dedicated to connecting, collaborating and communicating!


To collaborately develop and deliver effective community-based human services within Newaygo County


Under the leadership of the NC3 Executive Council and the Executive Director, NC3 works within a strategic plan to identify, plan and implement initiatives through its committees, community affiliates and representatives, from government, the public and the private sector, while 

As a collaboration, NC3 gathers and shares information from local, state and federal levels so members can become aware of what each other and others are working on to impact the community and come together to work with each other to better the lives of the community.


Anyone interested in community issues and solutions is welcome to attend NC3 general membership meetings.

Meetings are held at NC RESA with breakfast starting at 8 am and then the general membership meeting starting at 8:30 am.


General Meetings take place to share affiliate group highlights, problem solve, and/or learn something new. If time remains, individual organizations share program information. Meeting link/location shared via the NC3 Listserv.

Save the following dates:

Thursday, May 26, 2022 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM at NC RESA-Breakfast hosted by Community Health Services

Thursday, August 25, 2022 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM at NC RESA-Breakfast hosted by TrueNorth Community Services

Thursday, December 1st, 2022 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM at NC RESA


Executive Council membership includes the executive leadership for the following organizations:

Area Agency on Aging West Michigan

Department of Health and Human Services

District Health Department #10

Family Health Care

Fremont Area Community Foundation

Michigan Works!

Newaygo County Board of Commissioners

Newaygo County Commission on Aging

Newaygo County Mental Health

Newaygo County Prosecuting Attorney

Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency (NC RESA)

Newaygo County Sheriff's Office

The Right Place in Newaygo County

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital

TrueNorth Community Services

United Way of the Lakeshore

Newaygo County City Managers

Meeting dates
Executive Council
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